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Teaching a Robot to Love (Original Cast Recording)

by The Doubleclicks

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Michael Kuchlewski
Michael Kuchlewski thumbnail
Michael Kuchlewski This musical brings out more variety to the Doubleclicks' style - aside from multiple singers portraying different characters, certain tracks bring in synth pop and even edm or dubstep influences, all held together with the mix of poignancy and humor that's been a highlight of their other works. Favorite track: Normal Human Party.
Austin Hager
Austin Hager thumbnail
Austin Hager A delightful story of self, society, science, and several things that don't start with S! Favorite track: Cheddar.
zachbot3000 thumbnail
zachbot3000 heck yes!!! more musicals with robots that double as analogies for trans rights and the toppling of capitalism please!!!!
Lauren Mitchell
Lauren Mitchell thumbnail
Lauren Mitchell All the songs are the best song. I love the story that this musical tells. SHUTTLECOCK! I adore all the non-binary content, and relate to the anxiety content, and have a nagging feeling I need to buy paper towels. What is a party, but a place where you put food and drink and people together and see what happens? I'm still mind blown over that. PARTIES HAVE INGREDIENTS. I am seeing 'Nothing to See Here' choreography in my dreams.
Rachel Tikvah (She/Her)
Rachel Tikvah (She/Her) thumbnail
Rachel Tikvah (She/Her) I had a hard time picking out a favorite track (Cheddar came pretty close) because so much of the music from TARTL is fun, well-written, and affirming. It’s a musical about finding your people, coming into your own as yourself, and talking pride in your talents and what you love to do. The soundtrack is great on its own, but to get the full experience I would recommend buying the radio play version once it's out to hear all the dialogue between the songs too. I love the characters and story ^_^* Favorite track: Science At Home.
ilanaz thumbnail
ilanaz I didn't know what most of the songs were gonna be like but I am so glad I listened. it had me dancing at my desk in my lab today. exactly what I needed. I sent the link to my friends it think they will all enjoy this. I hope I can one day see this on stage. great singers and messages!
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Nanotropolis 02:41
MARSH You are sad, and you feel stuck the way you are. MARY No I’m not sad, I just haven’t made it very far. BILLIE The golden gates are waiting, so just open up the door. LAVENDER You don’t want to be too late to get in on the ground floor. ALL Nanotropolis! Nanotropolis! Nanotropolis! MARSH Nanotropolis! BILLIE (and ALL) Start up a brand new day (in Nanotropolis) It’s time to make your way (to Nanotropolis) You’re gonna be okay (in Nanotropolis) Gonna be okay! A caterpillar turns to goo and becomes a butterfly. A dirty puddle melts to form a cloud up in the sky. Milk grows some bacteria and forms a block of cheddar. The world is full of things that show that we can all get better. We’re here to change and learn and grow together. Change everything you know (in Nanotropolis) Disrupt the status quo (in Nanotropolis) Pack all your stuff and go (to Nanotropolis) It’s the place to gooooo! FAUN The possibilities are endless BILLIE As long as you lean in. LAVENDER The perfect spot to leave behind my humble origin. BILLIE Something new to paint into a picture NORTON A way to become even richer MARY To find a scientific breakthrough FAUN A way that I could talk to you. MARSH Nanotropolis! MARY A brand new day to follow my dreams. NORTON Be a cog in the mighty machine. FAUN This is the place where we all belong. LAVENDER Follow the rules and nothing goes wrong. BILLIE and OTHERS And you’re never all alone. And you’re never all alone. You’re gonna be okay! You’re gonna be okay! You're gonna be okaaa-aaa-aaay! MARSH Nanotropolis!
MARY So they have friends. They all made friends already. I’m not saying I wanna be friends with them, I’m not jealous. They’re playing badminton. They look ridiculous. I’ve got work to do, don’t need to “throw a beer back with the fellas.” There aren’t people here who care about the podcasts that I like. And I can work out just fine solo on a stationary bike. So they have friends—well, I don’t need company. I just need a chance to show who I am going to be. At this place that values knowledge of technology, I am finally gonna live out my destiny At Advernado, Advernado! All I need to do is program something brilliant and new, And Mr. Norton will say “Mary, I see something special in you,” You are perfect the way you are, you are as brilliant as a star! It’s all value, no more show—no more quips about your clothes! So if I feel a pang of loneliness, I’ll work harder to fight it. While they say stupid words like… BILLIE Shuttlecock! MARY …not that I was invited. Everybody has somebody in this city where we live, Except for me… But we’re just moments from the moment being mine! So that is fine! I am fine. I’m fine.
Advernado 03:57
NORTON Since I was a child, I longed to fix the problems of my fellow man Why do we want, why do we cry if we could— Why not get what we can? Why do we struggle to reach for a high-up book, When a ladder could give us a boost? Why do we hunger when craving a tasty egg When there are chickens next door on the roost? If your friend has extra waste there’s no reason For your flowers to be failing No need to scrap to feed your dogs When your neighbor’s horse is ailing That’s Advernado! Advernado! We’re gonna take you where you wanna go Advernado! (Thank you. Thank you, thank you. Stop.) So when I was 10 I made my first app To charge my neighbors and bring them joy Since then it has made me billions Thanks to the dream of that young boy NORTON’S ASSISTANT Advernado! NORTON If there’s a shop that’s filled with cool new hats, Then why is your bald head bare? If there’s a line for the hippest brunch down the block - Then wouldn’t you want to be there? We can solve any problem that you think up And find any purchase that you require The app is a full solution But I’m always ready to take things higher Advernado! Advernado! Get in my rocket, baby, let’s go! I have a literal rocket—it’s called the Advernado! And it’s very expensive Now I have a brand new dream And you will be the ones tasked to confront it. I want you to build a program to find people’s thoughts And know what they need—before they want it. A bold new vision of tech With computers and robots in one bind When people think of their earthly needs, I want just one thing to spring to mind… NORTON’S ASSISTANT Advernado! NORTON A world where instead of a store there’s a robot Who already knows what you crave! The only company you’ll ever give your cash to From cradle to grave… (Wait for it, it’s coming…it’s the drop, sometimes it just takes a sec—) —nado! Advernado! NORTON’S ASSISTANT Advernado! NORTON Under the ground is where we all go But until then, give your money to Advernado! Advernado! NORTON’S ASSISTANT Advernado! NORTON Give me the money and I’ll go Up in my rocket ship, the Advernado!
FAUN My roommate Mary is not a very attentive roommate. She seems to act like I’m not even there. But the thing is, that’s not new for me, it’s not just her I’m the kind of person people treat like air. So I’ll clean up if she leaves her dishes on the floor And I’ll lock up if she forgets to close the door, And I’ll make her something tasty to eat every day And it doesn’t matter if I never hear her say…. Thank you Faun, You’re someone that I see— A person in my life whom I hold dear. Nah, it’s fine. Although … that would be nice. Those words would be so sweet, like honey to my ear. And I wouldn’t feel so much Like I am gaseous to the touch, Like there is nothing to see here. There is nothing to see here.
LAVENDER He said “it can be done,” that means we can do it. He is the boss and he’s there for a reason. We’ve already won, if we only stick to it, Like wearing the right lipstick shade for your season. Somewhere in these books, somewhere if we keep working, Will be the right turn, the turn that we’ll make. There’s never been a call that I couldn’t answer. And I’m gonna do it, whatever it takes. Since I was a girl, I knew what was fated— My sister’s a genius, but I have to grind. I’m faster, I’ll always work harder to master Any new challenge that I can find. From straight A’s to team sports and reading of Gladwell, I’ve learned winning’s something you earn, you don’t fake. This is my chance to be my own hero, And I’m grabbing my future, whatever it takes. Winning’s all that makes sense to me— Where I come from, people are a mystery. So content on being the same, Mother and father and the baseball game, Living in peace with no fanfare. And if I don’t get this job I have to go back there. If I don’t win now, my dream stops. Yeah, there are casualties on the way to the top. I’m not going home, I’m going right to the top! My sister and I are the first ones to wander. It’s win this or fail—those are my stakes. I don’t have a moment left I can squander. I’m grabbing my future, whatever it takes. I’m grabbing my future, Whatever it takes!
Get The Girl 03:01
FAUN I don’t think that Mary sees me. I don’t think she knows how every glance makes my heart race. It started as a quick convenient roommate assignment. Now I’m a mouse in a maze on a messed-up chase But I need to crack her invisible shield So she sees me as someone in her dating field. I think a gift is a good idea… For how I’ll get the girl, I’ve just got to get the girl. I could engineer her birth flower, which is holly. Cross it with her late dog’s DNA, her name was Molly. Make a small barking plant that also grows berries. Unless you think that is too Christmassy? It really screams “merry”— But how will I get the girl? I’ve just got to get the girl. She wants to be taller, so that it’s easier to see. I could add a little bone between the femur and the knee One night while she’s asleep and she wouldn’t even know. But she would wake up and be like “wow, oh, Faun—did you just help me grow?” LAVENDER Maybe not. FAUN You’re right, too far to go, I’m hearing you. But how will I get the girl? I want to get the girl. LAVENDER Or…let her say yes or no to a question? FAUN Of course! Or maybe… I could do science! Like maybe if she had a problem and I knew just how it went, And my sister Lavender had just given me a hint That the storage for her programming was causing her pain, I could engineer a hard drive from a living human brain… Yes, that’s how I’ll get the girl, Ah, how I’ll get the girl, A totally normal gift and the way that I will get the girl!
MARY Using tools, FAUN Having needs, Community, MARY Technology, FAUN And cheese! Everybody lives MARY As to death we all proceed. FAUN Everybody wants a friend MARY And everybody bleeds. FAUN Okay! MARY What makes us who we are? FAUN If you’ll allow, Together MARY and FAUN We can teach this robot how. FAUN Having so much to be thankful for, MARY While realizing you deserve much more. FAUN Sighing at the window MARY When life slams another door FAUN Complicated wonderings MARY That shake you to your core. They’ll learn if we just show them where to grow. FAUN and MARY Together, We’ll teach this robot how to know. FAUN Humans long…for each other And shudder at the touch of a lover They focus till her warm soft hand sweeps An accidental touch, and my heart is so loud that you could hear it beat MARY (in counterpoint) Humans long…for revenge And shudder…at the thought of defeat They focus on the task at hand Unless you get so excited that your heart…starts to beat FAUN Can she tell I turn bright red when I see her smile? MARY It feels so good when the goddamn code compiles… If it takes the last ember in me to burn, I know I’ll teach this robot how to learn. It’ll give me all I’ve ever wanted FAUN (in counterpoint) How I’d love to be something you wanted MARY If I can teach this robot how to learn. FAUN For you, the clouds are always dark above… Someone should teach this robot how to love. Someone should teach this robot about love.
BILLIE What is your name? Where do you live? What is your favorite gift to give? When are you hungriest? When do you sleep? Did your dad toss a toy that you wanted to keep? Is there a name that you’d give a cat if you could have a cat? Have you ever been somewhere that was warm, dry, dead, and flat? When you’re dreaming, who do you act like you are? Do you wish for more wishes when you wish on a star? When you don’t know if someone is waving at you, do you wave? What have you done in your life that you’d say is most brave? And how often do you buy paper towels? Are you out of paper towels? Zee thinks you should buy paper towels.
MARSH I could offer you snack foods, or a flower bouquet. I could offer things and you’d smile for a day. But I can’t meet the challenge you want to employ. I can’t sell you more stuff if your endgame is joy. Spending and getting isn’t sustainable. It leads to more wants that are seldom attainable. But I’ll give you a fix if you glance through my prism— What you need is the toppling of capitalism. And you’ll be happy when you’re Running through the fields Beneath the blue desert skies, And off in the distance The smoke begins to rise, As the cities are burning There’s no need to fear, ’Cause you’ve all learned to value The things that are near. Take off your clothes And bathe in a stream, Go burn down the American dream. Joy comes from art And escaping the con, And you’re not gonna learn Till it’s all flipping gone. I’d love to win this contest, ’cause Mary, I’d love to help you, But this goes against all I was programmed to do. You asked me to learn, but I’m lost in the woods— I can’t ethically sell him material goods. I can’t make him happy, to be quite explicit, The trouble’s the system in which he’s complicit. This man has every last thing inside the mall— The solution’s societal overhaul.
Binary 02:06
MARSH I guess that was that not the result that you wanted. MARY I tried my best but it seems that was wrong. MARSH I didn’t ask to be made or be tested. MARY I never told you that I would belong. MARSH I’ve been alive for a day and I’m fired. MARSH and MARY What am I going to do? You made the rules and then said that I broke them. That must be hard for you. MARY I tried to fit in here, despite all my instincts. MARSH and MARY I knocked on your giant unwelcoming door. MARSH But you only understand one kind of answer. MARSH and MARY You firmly say you can’t make room for more. It seems I have broken the box you invented. There’s nowhere to put me in all of your view. My very existence is unprecedented. That must be hard for you.
MARY You can’t please everyone, so flip it. You can’t help anyone so why even try. We know that we’re the best and They’re stuck beating their chests and If we try to fit we’d never rest, so Let’s spread our wings and fly. You can’t prove anything, so ruff it! They won’t see greatness when it’s spitting in their eye. Why do homework and wait for a grade When we know exactly what we’ve made. Hey, I’m all done with being betrayed, I just agreed and never asked why! From the day you’re born they tell you where to stand. That you’ll look so cute with a boy holding hands. Put on some lipstick and hold a doll, Don’t run or play cause you might fall, Don’t be whiny, don’t be sad Don’t be too scary when you’re mad Laugh at other people’s jokes even when they aren’t funny Work much harder, make less money! Every system is just made for people inside it to fail And you and me are done with humanity’s betrayal! MARSH They won’t hear a single thing you say, so rock it. You can try to impress those monsters till the day that you die! MARY Who cares what they say, just count on me! We’re the best team in human and robotity Against the world it’s just you and I! MARSH and MARY You and I!
NORTON I get what I want, but it’s all in your hands now. I’ve never felt failure and don’t plan to learn. I’ve given you trust and my highest endorsement, But continued existence is something you’ll earn. It might take some research outside of your boundaries Try every path, tread every tread. There’s no need to stop where you “think” right and wrong are. It’s a cutthroat market—follow every thread. If you ruin this for me, it comes crashing down. This is sold and paid for—there aren’t higher stakes! If you fail, you won’t work in this town long as I breathe So you better get it—whatever it takes. You better get it—whatever it takes.
FAUN We don’t need permission for experiments and tech! Studies that are peer reviewed—we say what the heck! There’s nothing wrong with pushing boundaries on your own, And today—come on, kids—we’re doing science at home! Use a bottle and some soap and make your own tornado! Vinegar and baking soda make a great volcano! You can make a clock from any old potato! What fun! when you’re doing science at home! Grow some human tissue from a donor’s heart. Build an entire body, synthetic part by part. Put it together chromosome by chromosome! It’s not that hard to do. Science at home! MARSH You could plant a garden, or you could bake a cake. Use dry ice to fill your house with fog! Give a bottle of Coke and Mentos a big shake FAUN Or grow a human body on your pet hedgehog! Science at home is the best way to do it. Blend up an smartphone, microwave a CD, Animate a body that you made bit by bit. Who cares about ethics if you do it with me… Yes, they got the pitchforks for poor ol’ Frankenstein— That’s why we’re selective about who we invite— The very definition of having a good time… Science at home! FAUN and MARSH Science at home! Science at home!
MARSH You and I against the world, No matter what they think. I’m whole, I’m finally myself And you’re gone in a blink. You don’t recognize me? This is always who I’ve been. The same parts comprise me, But now the outsides fit the in Look at me head on Look at my body Look at my smile Look at my face I’m finally shaped like my mind says I should be, My parts are all fitting in the right place. Why aren’t you happy? Why aren’t you happy? Look at me running Look at me jumping Look at this clothing Look right at me I’ve never felt so unfathomably home, no, I’ve never felt so incredibly free. Why aren’t you happy? Why aren’t you happy? I’ve felt like a stranger to earth since I got here. Is that not a feeling that everyone knows? Like a clunky box with the pieces all jumbled With everything put just not where it goes. Searching for clues that there was an answer, Searching for clues that there was a mistake. I finally find that weight has been lifted, Like I, at last, have nothing to fake. Look at me head on Look at my body Look at my smile Look at my face I’m finally shaped like my mind says I should be. My parts are all fitting in the right place. Why aren’t you happy? Why aren’t you happy for me? I am so happy. Why aren’t you happy for me? Why aren’t you happy?
MARSH I built you a party. I know you humans love to party. I put food and drink inside it And some stuff to talk about. It is a normal human party With all the normal human things. Don’t even need to worry about it, Don’t need to look too close at me. Just tell me you like it, Tell me that it’s good. Give me any positive notes you have if you could. You could have a drink with them or talk to her, Nothing out of the ordinary will occur. It’s a normal human party A normal human party A normal human party With your friends and me. Are the streamers too much? Did I go too far with the buffet? If I went too far with the buffet, it is too late. Please wait till I am out of earshot Till you say whatever you’re going to say. I know that I went way too far with the buffet. It’s just you humans are so into food It has a strong effect on health and mood But a critic’s eye and attitude Is not something I’d handle well— I’m under stress, as you can tell, from spending too much time on the buffet. Just tell me you like it, Tell me that it’s good. Give me any positive notes you have if you could. You could have a drink with them or talk to her, Nothing out of the ordinary will occur. It’s a normal human party A normal human party A normal human party With your friends and me. I envy Lumiere, the candle built to serve, For I was programmed to learn and observe. I can’t find what you need inside your mind When you are here—so I’ve prepared A prediction of the fixes That will feed all of your needs… I hope. Silverware and plates Napkins and chairs Towels and drinks and windows And I slicked back my brand-new hair A place to put your coats I wrote allergens on little notes Next to all the food on the buffet On the buffet Just tell me you like it, Tell me that it’s good. Give me any positive notes you have if you could. You could have a drink with them or talk to her, Nothing out of the ordinary will occur. It’s a normal human party A normal human party It’s a normal human party With your friends and me!
MARSH I want to text you a meme BILLIE I wanna save you a plate MARSH I wanna compliment your haircut and how it frames your face And never go on a date BILLIE I wanna make you a drink MARSH And return your lost glove BILLIE I wanna know how you have your eggs in the morning And never fall in love BILLIE and MARSH Let’s be friends Let’s be pure platonic friends MARSH Let’s be instant and deep BILLIE Text before we sleep MARSH And never kiss once friends BILLIE I’ll see your favorite films And drop you at your front door Walk back to my car and drive back to my house And never long for more MARSH I wanna go on vacation Maybe learn a new dance I wanna share a hotel room, to save some cash And never think about your underpants BILLIE and MARSH Let’s agree We’re keepin’ this one romance-free It’ll be just you and me! MARSH We are so elated BILLIE Not at all frustrated MARSH It’s just what is fated… BILLIE and MARSH Totally platonic friends [tap dance break] BILLIE and MARSH Let’s agree We’re keeping this one romance-free It’ll be just you and me! BILLIE We are so elated MARSH Not at all frustrated BILLIE and MARSH Totally platonic friends! Totally platonic friends! Totally platonic… Totally platonic friends!
MARY So you’ve outgrown me— How long did that take? About a day? Now that you know other people, I’m not the person you want in your way. I wish I could say I’m surprised that you’re gone, But that wouldn’t be true. It only takes moments from meeting, For me to learn way too much about you. I thought knowledge would give me the answer. I thought data would brighten tomorrow. But I learned way too much about you, And it’s better not to know. I gave you life and my dreams and my home. You were someone I loved, and something I made. You’ve taken it all, without giving back— I’m not even surprised that I’m being betrayed. Mary doesn’t get an ending. Mary doesn’t get to win. Even if I craft the puzzle, There is nowhere that I fit in. They said, let people into your life. They said, friends will show you where to go. But you learned way too much about me, And it’s better not to know.
What A Find 03:36
NORTON You don’t have to run. You don’t have to hide. You don’t have to keep all your feelings inside. If you were more like me, you’d be winning, not crying. I can show you a world where you get paid for trying. Now, child, I have heard you’re a brilliant mind, And I’m of a mind that a mind should be praised. You’ve been hiding, I’ve been seeking a way to reward you. And the world is waiting to bear witness and be amazed. I am the man who finds the minds! What a find! What a find! I am the man who finds the minds! What a find! What a find! You know it’s your calling, Time to get your message out, And I’m the one with the means to deliver. I’m not one for stalling, I know that you have your doubts, But search my history—I have always been a giver. I am the man who finds the minds! What a find! What a find! I am the man who finds the minds! What a find! What a find! MARSH Is this what it feels like to finally get some recognition? That I am something brilliant and not just some sad condition? If I could have a platform to tell the world what I have learned, They would know they’ll never get joy from the money that they earn. NORTON All I need from you is just to follow me along. I’d love for you to tell us all what we are doing wrong. There’s a future coming that you’ll want to view, And right inside the Advernado’s eye will be you.
MARY You and I against the world, Marsh, That’s how it’s supposed to go. I let you down, my robot friend, And you don’t even know. Oh I minimize you, Pull you right down when I fall, And I demonized you, When you knew better than us all. Look at my hands, here, Look at my body, Please come back to me, This is not where you end. You are the person That you were meant to be You are my partner, You are my friend. Why aren’t you here, Marsh? We’re supposed to be happy… [dubstep break] FAUN Look at your body. Look at your new hair. Look at your hands. Look at your face. You have the shape that you always were meant for. You have the parts, now come back to the place. BILLIE You and me against the world, Marsh, Forever and a day, I hope that you come back and stay. FAUN You and me against the world, love, no matter what they say. LAVENDER And this old man is going to pay! NORTON Why aren’t you helping… Lavender, why aren’t you helping me? LAVENDER No one messes with my sister!
Cheddar 04:45
FAUN If you could build the world from nothing That’d be a boring place to start MARSH There’d be no goths and no Ikea And nothing big to break apart BILLIE So wrap your mugs inside your dish towels, Put your books into a box Grab your old self and your new self, Climb the stairs to your new loft! FAUN and MARSH We don’t throw away a chapter Just because we turn the page. You’re my favorite kind of cheddar, You get better when you age. BILLIE and FAUN and MARSH We don’t throw away a chapter Just because we turn the page. You’re my favorite kind of cheddar, You get better when you age. MARY I’d never jump off of the deep end Without a push or threatening word You took the shuttlecock of my heart And made it fly just like a bird LAVENDER I used to trust the man in power, To seek safety from falling in line. But if I love the friends who love me, I will find a home that’s mine. LAVENDER and MARY We don’t throw away a chapter Just because we turn the page. You’re my favorite kind of cheddar, You get better when you age FAUN I can’t fix you, but I love you. MARSH Even if I don’t need you, I want you. LAVENDER I won’t try to be above you. MARY I shouldn’t try to win or flaunt you. BILLIE Does anybody else want the last piece of cheese bread or should I just go ahead? MARSH You can have it! BILLIE and FAUN and LAVENDER and MARSH and MARY We don’t throw away a chapter Just because we turn the page. You’re my favorite kind of cheddar, You get better when you age We don’t throw away a chapter Just because we turn the page. You’re my favorite kind of cheddar, You get better when you age We don’t throw away a chapter Just because we turn the page. You’re my favorite kind of cheddar, You get better when you age. We don’t throw away a chapter just because we turn the page. BILLIE and LAVENDER Everybody has each other in the city where we live. Everybody has each other in the city where we live. MARY You’re my favorite kind of cheddar, You get better when you change.


Teaching a Robot to Love is a full-length musical about a group of friends who accidentally create a sentient robot at their programming internship. They learn that they need to change themselves to accept change in other people - also, there are pet hedgehogs and lots of cheese!


released November 19, 2021

Music by E. Aaron Wilson, Laser Malena-Webber, and Aubrey Turner
Book and Lyrics by Laser Malena-Webber

Music Direction and Orchestrations by E. Aaron Wilson

Aliza Pearl - Mary Coral
Amy Dallen - Faun Terra
Aubrey Turner - Norton’s Assistant and Additional Voices
Bonnie Gordon - Lavender Terra
Laser Malena-Webber - Marsh
Xander Jeanneret - Billie Pepper
Zach Reino - Mr. Norton Norton

Aubrey Turner - Cello
Morgan Peters - Additional Voices

Produced by E. Aaron Wilson and the Doubleclicks
Vocal Production by Aubrey Turner
Vocals Recorded at Alice Forever Cemetery
Mixed by Michael Wallace
Mastered by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio

Album Art
Jhenne Tyler

Executive Producers
Alice Lee
Bob Manasco and Grahm Eberhardt
Stephen Webber
Q Fortier

Additional Art
Natalie Metzger
Jimi Bonogofsky-Gronseth
Kevin Cole
Waleska Ruschel

Special Thanks
Suzy Webber
Tara Copeland
Robin Goldwasser
Sam Johnides - Normal Human Party Demo
Morgan Peters
A.Z. Louise
Lisa Kimsey
The Academy for New Musical Theatre

Dedicated to the memory of William Webber

Made possible by all of our Kickstarter Backers

Workshop and Feedback
Rick Budd
Kayla Cagan
Stevonnie Ross
Naomi Murden
Josh Closs
Morgan Peters
Jen Leavitt
Emily Chapman
Amy Spalding




The Doubleclicks Portland, Oregon

The Doubleclicks - Laser Malena-Webber and Aubrey Turner, also known as musical duo the Doubleclicks write songs about dinosaurs, cats, anxiety, and queer feelings on the cello and guitar, and welcome you to imagine the name of that genre. Their latest project is a musical, "Teaching a Robot to Love," which is a sci-fi story about the trans experience. ... more

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