Happy Holidays, Too

from by The Doubleclicks



On the day before the day before Christmas
There's a friend of a friend of a friend
With a ride to the train to the airport
with the gifts you'd forgotten to send

you've never been so good at all this hurry up and wait
And you almost miss your flights while online shopping at the gate
Merry Christmas to everyone who's joining us at gate 30 tonight
and Happy Holidays too

there's a line for the line for the airplane
there's a sports team and some kind of band
you look in your bag for your ticket
it's always been right in your hand

And they're trying to explain why there might be a delay
and you never could be worried about time on holidays


The pilot's got a music chip in his tie
and he's making it sing deck the halls
it's somebody's very first airplane ride
she makes a lot of noise for being so small

On the day before the day after New year's
to the plane from the gate from the car
you text your goodbyes as you're boarding
and they're trying to check your guitar

And it's not so very festive, riding airplanes all alone
but it's the only way of celebrating that you've known
Merry Christmas to everyone who's joining us at gate 30 tonight
and Happy Holidays too


from Weekly Song Wednesday, track released December 8, 2013




The Doubleclicks Portland, Oregon

The Doubleclicks are a pair of siblings who sing about cats, dinosaurs, and feelings.
The Doubleclicks' clever brand of nerdy folk music has been called "relentlessly likable" and "face-meltingly wry."
Their fans tend to be software developers, writers and their loved ones, as well as anyone who loves Star Trek, grammar, dinosaurs or video games.
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