Sensitive Badass

from Love Problems by The Doubleclicks

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I let things bother me that I shouldn't let bother me
and I feel sorry like I should be stronger
I know I shouldn't listen to the insults or the heckles
but I listen and they all stick with me longer 

My friend Michael Bain told me this is because
we're evolved to remember the things that endanger us
If I was an animal searching for food
I would always be vigilant for things that are dangerous

So if when I am in real life or reading the comments
I'll always remember those who cross the line 
And not all the wonderful women and children
who tell me I've helped them by speaking my mind

If it is negative I'll memorize it fast
Because I'm sensitive, not just a badass
I am sensitive, I am a badass

I act like I'm cocky I have a persona
cause I don't want to seem like I'm open for feedback
But that's just because I internalize everything
…that I should redact 

I don't know if it's clear that that's just who I have to be 
I love my friends so much, I love them all more than me 
It feels like they all know just who they each want to be 
And I'll always feel lucky that anyone talks to me 

(i wanna say…) Let's start a band that just yells at the man
and never has a Facebook page and never does signings
I'm so scared about emails from moderate straight white cis males
that I stop myself writing when I feel like I'm whining

Don't tell me to calm down, don't tell me it will pass
I am still sensitive, I am a badass
I am sensitive, I am a badass
If you haven't yet realized that we are political,
you haven't listened so we will start yelling
I often want to just burn down the world,
sometimes I'm an anarchist, sometimes I'm a pacifist 

I just want all of us to love each other
and listen when somebody tells you they're hurting 
I want us to maximize joy and equality
instead of what we're earning

I'm a survivor, and if you're a survivor too
We want you to know, that both of us believe you

You have the strength, and though all of the scars will last…
You can be sensitive and still a badass
just say it now,
I am sensitive, I am a badass


from Love Problems, released August 15, 2017




The Doubleclicks Portland, Oregon

The Doubleclicks are a pair of siblings who sing about cats, dinosaurs, and feelings.
The Doubleclicks' clever brand of nerdy folk music has been called "relentlessly likable" and "face-meltingly wry."
Their fans tend to be software developers, writers and their loved ones, as well as anyone who loves Star Trek, grammar, dinosaurs or video games.
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