TableTop Games featuring Adam WarRock (video version)

from Various Singles by The Doubleclicks

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Watch the video:

We challenged ourselves to write a song containing the names of all of the games played on Wil Wheaton's TableTop show. This is the result.
Check out Adam WarRock:

Go see our episode of TableTop when it releases February 20!


Yeah your friend Wil, he’s got a beard and a show
it’s Tabletop, he makes it with my buddy Bo.
We were minding our business when they called us one day—
said, “We want you on the show! do you wanna come play?”

uh yes, duh of course, but we’ve gotta brush up
We’re behind on our gaming and we don’t wanna look rough
How do we practice? Aubrey says: “I know
We’ll play every game they’ve ever played on the show”

And we did. We played them. Then we did it again
and we’re ready for anything so, bring it on friend
cause we know these board games from A to Z
and you can bring your best, but you won’t beat the DCs

We’re Playin Tabletop Games
Who’s ready for some Tabletop Games

You wanna try Tsuro? we’ll wipe the floor with you
and in Munchkin we’ll kick down a door with you
“What’s next?” it’s Get Bit by Dave Chalker
you’ll lose so many limbs you’ll fit in a locker

You’ll want a Ticket to Ride out of this room
when we’re racking up points in Keith Baker’s Gloom
Hey that Elder Sign’s broken, bro can you fix it?
We need it to say that we crushed you at Dixit

And at Small World: you thought this would be fun?
our skills are so rad, we could win in round one
you have Alhambra did you bring Zombie Dice?
we don’t need to cheat but we won’t play nice

We’re Playin Tabletop Games
Who’s ready for some Tabletop Games

When we’re done playing Settlers of Catan
you won’t know the difference from Carcassone
Castle Panic? that’s co-op, for us that’s a cage
We’d rather send you back to the Dragon Age

it’s a Fiasco. you can cry or Say Anything
Last Night On Earth and we’re in it to a win a thing.
it’s a Pandemic. I’d Wager your Wits are week
If you think you’re ready to step to Chez Geek.

We’re Playin Tabletop Games
Who’s ready for some Tabletop Games

Aubrey and Angela why you doing this 
Taking a good friendship and ruining it
Man I thought I was cool with this
Deckbuilding, role playing and I’m rolling some dice
They made me bet all my money, made me pledge my life

Because I showed up with Monopoly 
When Angela and Aubrey gave me an instruction book and glossary
And I guess I lost, see, that’s what they’re telling me
So never mess with the doublec’s at the double t, it’s trouble see

Once upon a time you thought you could win
but now you’re smashed up-that’s a game by paul peterson
Let’s get you rested up and some Qwirkle in you
and check your Resistance on games for season 2

There are shadows over Camelot and Tsuro in the Seas
and we are the ones with the fortune and glory
Takenoko time, we’ll eat all your bamboo
and in formula D a winner’s not you

How about King of Tokyo, do you like Japan?
I think you’ll find for you it’s a forbidden Island
Star Wars X-Wing and Star Trek Catan
Lords of Vegas or Waterdeep, just bring it right on

cause in 12 days you’ll be blabbin unspeakable words
by my friends james and mike, some of my favorite nerds
You wanna be our friend too? I don’ think thank you will
when you’re getting betrayed at the house on the hill

We’re Playin Tabletop Games
Who’s ready for some Tabletop Games

So we got to the studio, time to make some TV
they have lights, they’ve got cameras, and my sister and me
And we played a game! (so how did it go?)
I guess you’ll have to watch the episode if you wanna know

We’re Playin Tabletop Games
Who’s ready for some Tabletop Games


from Various Singles, track released February 16, 2014
Song by The Doubleclicks
featuring Adam WarRock
Produced by Mike Phirman




The Doubleclicks Portland, Oregon

The Doubleclicks are a pair of siblings who sing about cats, dinosaurs, and feelings.
The Doubleclicks' clever brand of nerdy folk music has been called "relentlessly likable" and "face-meltingly wry."
Their fans tend to be software developers, writers and their loved ones, as well as anyone who loves Star Trek, grammar, dinosaurs or video games.
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