Ennui (On We Go)

from Dimetrodon by The Doubleclicks



It's wonderful to be young
We don't have money, but we still have fun
The night doesn't start till about 3:30
Go to the club, or go to the party

You don't like people and you don't wanna go
But your friends are here and you forgot to say "no"
So put on mascara so you look awake
Try to be social till you need a break

There is no reason
This shouldn't be fun
There's excitement
In the air

We have our whole lives
We have our freedom
I don't care
I don't care

On we go
On our own

On we go
On our own

Wake up in the afternoon, feeling like "why?"
You could get up, or you could just cry
Your friends are happy and you are bitter
Gettin' jealous when you look at Twitter

You don't wanna shower so you stay in bed
Refresh your mail and get in your head
Try to get motivated; tell yourself lies like
"You would be happy if you got exercise"

It's the weekend
You should see your friends

Should you go out?
Or should you stay in?
I don't care
I don't care

On we go
On our own


from Dimetrodon, released June 10, 2014




The Doubleclicks Portland, Oregon

The Doubleclicks are a pair of siblings who sing about cats, dinosaurs, and feelings.
The Doubleclicks' clever brand of nerdy folk music has been called "relentlessly likable" and "face-meltingly wry."
Their fans tend to be software developers, writers and their loved ones, as well as anyone who loves Star Trek, grammar, dinosaurs or video games.
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