Various Singles

by The Doubleclicks

(free) 03:45


released March 17, 2014


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The Doubleclicks Portland, Oregon

The Doubleclicks are a pair of siblings who sing about cats, dinosaurs, and feelings.
The Doubleclicks' clever brand of nerdy folk music has been called "relentlessly likable" and "face-meltingly wry."
Their fans tend to be software developers, writers and their loved ones, as well as anyone who loves Star Trek, grammar, dinosaurs or video games.
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Track Name: TableTop Games featuring Adam WarRock (video version)
Yeah your friend Wil, he’s got a beard and a show
it’s Tabletop, he makes it with my buddy Bo.
We were minding our business when they called us one day—
said, “We want you on the show! do you wanna come play?”

uh yes, duh of course, but we’ve gotta brush up
We’re behind on our gaming and we don’t wanna look rough
How do we practice? Aubrey says: “I know
We’ll play every game they’ve ever played on the show”

And we did. We played them. Then we did it again
and we’re ready for anything so, bring it on friend
cause we know these board games from A to Z
and you can bring your best, but you won’t beat the DCs

We’re Playin Tabletop Games
Who’s ready for some Tabletop Games

You wanna try Tsuro? we’ll wipe the floor with you
and in Munchkin we’ll kick down a door with you
“What’s next?” it’s Get Bit by Dave Chalker
you’ll lose so many limbs you’ll fit in a locker

You’ll want a Ticket to Ride out of this room
when we’re racking up points in Keith Baker’s Gloom
Hey that Elder Sign’s broken, bro can you fix it?
We need it to say that we crushed you at Dixit

And at Small World: you thought this would be fun?
our skills are so rad, we could win in round one
you have Alhambra did you bring Zombie Dice?
we don’t need to cheat but we won’t play nice

We’re Playin Tabletop Games
Who’s ready for some Tabletop Games

When we’re done playing Settlers of Catan
you won’t know the difference from Carcassone
Castle Panic? that’s co-op, for us that’s a cage
We’d rather send you back to the Dragon Age

it’s a Fiasco. you can cry or Say Anything
Last Night On Earth and we’re in it to a win a thing.
it’s a Pandemic. I’d Wager your Wits are week
If you think you’re ready to step to Chez Geek.

We’re Playin Tabletop Games
Who’s ready for some Tabletop Games

Aubrey and Angela why you doing this 
Taking a good friendship and ruining it
Man I thought I was cool with this
Deckbuilding, role playing and I’m rolling some dice
They made me bet all my money, made me pledge my life

Because I showed up with Monopoly 
When Angela and Aubrey gave me an instruction book and glossary
And I guess I lost, see, that’s what they’re telling me
So never mess with the doublec’s at the double t, it’s trouble see

Once upon a time you thought you could win
but now you’re smashed up-that’s a game by paul peterson
Let’s get you rested up and some Qwirkle in you
and check your Resistance on games for season 2

There are shadows over Camelot and Tsuro in the Seas
and we are the ones with the fortune and glory
Takenoko time, we’ll eat all your bamboo
and in formula D a winner’s not you

How about King of Tokyo, do you like Japan?
I think you’ll find for you it’s a forbidden Island
Star Wars X-Wing and Star Trek Catan
Lords of Vegas or Waterdeep, just bring it right on

cause in 12 days you’ll be blabbin unspeakable words
by my friends james and mike, some of my favorite nerds
You wanna be our friend too? I don’ think thank you will
when you’re getting betrayed at the house on the hill

We’re Playin Tabletop Games
Who’s ready for some Tabletop Games

So we got to the studio, time to make some TV
they have lights, they’ve got cameras, and my sister and me
And we played a game! (so how did it go?)
I guess you’ll have to watch the episode if you wanna know

We’re Playin Tabletop Games
Who’s ready for some Tabletop Games
Track Name: Thank God It's Over
Today’s the day, today I’ve won
with a diploma or a paycheck
I am officially done

I have accomplished, I have done…great
It’s time for pride and satisfaction
it’s time for me to celebrate…

thank god it’s over, I turned it in
and now I never ever have to look at that stuff again
I did my best, I should be proud
but I just want to run away, oops did I say it out loud

feels like I lost part of my soul in there
it was a pool of stress, fear and despair
but I survived, yes I survived

there were mistakes and there was doubt
thought I would die before I got out
but I got out alive

thank god it’s over—everything’s fine
I forgot how nice the world was on the other side of deadline
I turned it in—and now it’s gone
and now I’ve got no regrets cause I can finally move on

I can’t believe I made it here
I did the best work of my career
but please don’t look for me I will be nappin’

I thought that my fist reaction
would be creative satisfaction
but I just wanna forget this ever happened

Thank god it’s over
Thank god it’s through
I’m proud and tired and angry and stressed and worn out and I’ve put strain on all of my relationships and I don’t know what the future holds and it’s possible I’ve lost all direction

but at least I have got no more work to do
Track Name: Cats at Parties
I’m gonna tell you what you need to party right
it’s the new craze, it’s the way, every night
put some pants on and drive up to the party house
suddenly remember why you don’t like going out

yeah, you're still a weirdo, well imagine that
here is your solution: GO AND FIND THE HOST’S CAT

Hanging with cats at parties:
Party parties
it’s the new movement why don’t you join me?
we don’t want your judgement and we don’t need your pity
this is where I wanna be
hanging out with cats at parties

Walk into the party like "no thanks I’ll keep my coat"
Ending conversations with a nice taylor swift quote
and saying things like “I don’t like local beer”
Scanning every corner for the reason you are here

There is a cat, so I'm not, technically alone—now
Don’t tell me to smile I am in my comfort zone—now
Yes I’m having fun I don’t, need a drink
This is way more comfortable than you probably think

a cat is not a racist or a sexist
a cat could care less if you even exist
unless you’re giving it treats, it’ll just stare at you you
and that’s the kind of friend that we want, what can we do

Our numbers grow out of nowhere like mitosis
We’re all slowly contracting Toxoplasmosis.
we don’t need your shame, life is better when it’s lame
and tonight’s just about one thing

Track Name: Tiny Paper Elephant
there’s a tiny paper elephant
with a tiny paper friend
and they don’t know what they’re doing on the table

there’s a larger kind of elephant
and it lives inside of you
and it knows that you can make it
if you hit the follow through…

it’s a mystery
everyone’s got something going on
these days
and we don’t have all the answers for the questions that are raised….
but you can do it.

there’s a kiwi with a scarf on
there’s a bird that looks surprised
and they know that you will get there in your time
there’s a mislabeled Kenobi
there’s a can wearing a tie
and some days you can feel like you’re a Jedi with no wine

it may not be what you expected
and you may not see the sign
cause the things that make you different
are what really make you shine

you’re a unique combination
you’re the sum of all your parts
you’re an egg with great potential
and it’s not too late to start

so when you think of something peculiar
that’s when you take your chance
cause the weirdest stuff’s your moment
you take that kick in the pants

you won’t know quite when it’s perfect
and you might still see the seams
just ride that elephant inside you
to the goalpost of your dreams

cause you can do it.
we know you can do it.
we all know you can do it.

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